Happy New Year : A naturist wardrobe post

Happy New Year, everyone.

I’m up and about in both RL and SL this morning after our Hogmanay supper last night, and was delighted to find a store called MH design with a lot of free gifts, particularly as several would certainly fit right into my naturist wardrobe, the items I’d put on for dinner following a long hard slog in the sun all day! 😉


These are perfectly styled dresses suited to any naturist’s evening wear or, in the case of the bottom photo, something to throw on for the trip to and from the beach.

Naturists like to eat well, in a variety of world cuisines, and whatever naturist resort and campsite I’ve been to they pride themselves on turning out some delicious tasting and presented food. The French sites will focus on local produce, while in Spain there’s a lot of fish restaurants, produce locally caught, and world and fusion cuisines. I’ve eaten in a variety of world cuisine restaurants -not as easy as it sounds for a vegetarian as Spanish restaurants will (I’m not kidding!) serve ham in a vegetarian meal because ‘it’s a vegetable’! Go figure! I’ve often been looked on pityingly because I can’t eat meat. ‘Is it an illness?’, I’ve been asked. For some of the photos I hopped over to a Japanese restaurant called Free Tibet to take the photos of me wearing what would be typical evening wear for myself on holiday.

Once again, the style just says ‘naturist evening wear’ for me in this lovely purple dress with bare shoulders.

Another of MH Design’s is a jumpsuit…


I wouldn’t wear this because it’s not really my style, but you will see naturist ladies wear something like this at night time.


Curiously, it’s the rear view, more than anything, that puts me off. While I’ll happily be nude on the beach all day, I wouldn’t dream of going out in something like this. This style of evening attire, and also even more revealing outfits, might be typical of a naturist’s wardrobe if they were heading off to somewhere like Cap d’Agde, where anything goes! But I wouldn’t have the mindset to ever dream of wearing something like this.

All of the gifts are free, and there’s no Group join fee either, so hop along to MH Design.

I’m taking the rest of the day out of SL, and going out with the family, but SLN will be back during the week, kicking off our 2017 naturist postings with a look at some lesser known, or semi-hidden, naturist locations (i.e. sims that are more of a ‘clothing optional’ persuasion) around the grid.



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