Couples poses from RK Poses

One of the noticeable things about holidays, naturist and textile alike, is that people tend to get ‘cuddly’ and affectionate on the beach.

RK Poses have a delightful set of free group gifts (there’s no group join fee) that are cuddly, affectionate poses, worth grabbing for beach shots, or just general displays of affection, alike. (I’ve only got photographs three of the poses via Mags, who will be our key ‘poses model’ for 2017 and will, in further posts, be providing the text to accompany her photos. There are, apparently, I’ve not got online yet to check the poses and grab them for myself, about ten different free couples poses).






Naturists are always keen to underscore the non-sexual element of the lifestyle. Despite the lack of clothes, these poses don’t come across as remotely sexual in nature, but rather couples enjoying displays of affection while on vacation.