Naturism is for everybody, naturism is for every body

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – age, shape or size is no bar to naturism.



When I’m researching some websites for photographs or information I often read, with great dismay, how some people (male, almost exclusively) comment on a woman’s age or size. In doing so they reveal themselves as people who cannot be regarded as ‘naturist’ in any sense of the word themselves, merely tragic little porn users demanding that women confirm to a certain shape or size or age. They will go further, to lay claim to what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in terms of a woman’s chosen pubic hair style. Ultimately, you’re left with the impression that they don’t need a woman, they need and inflatable Barbie doll to fulfil their unreal expectations about what every woman should look like. Little surprise, then, that they’re left scouring the internet for porn as for a proportion of them as their attitudes pretty much determine that a relationship with a real woman will flounder.

The above photograph is absolutely gorgeous, in my eyes. A couple in their sixties, perhaps, confidently naked on the beach, looking beautiful and a testament to there being no age bar on naturism.

The age thing, of course, transcends into Second Life. For many it’s somewhere they can be younger than reality, slimmer than reality, more endowed, in either breast or penis size, than reality.

Which is fine. SL is a place where it’s wholly possible and acceptable to live fantasies, or remember how they used to look in their youth, or merely be something the exact opposite of their real selves. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.



Our hope, for SL 2017, is that we see more and more avatars adopt a more mature look, to best reflect the diversity of age groups seen in RL naturism. We need the help of SL’s skin designers to make older type skins readily available for those of us who play the game. We aim to try and contact some skin designers to see if they’ll ‘come on board’ in helping us promote this aim, and we’ll be looking to liaise with other bloggers and designers to see if we can deliver this by year’s end.








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