The Polar Bares…


Last swim of the year, at Cap D’Agde

Last weekend was that time of year when numerous groups would have held their annual ‘Polar Bare’ type of swim, Cap D’Agde being one of them.






I note that it appears to be one of the more ‘traditional naturist’ events at Agde, simply naturists going into the sea, Agde being somewhere that isn’t exactly known for ‘traditional’ naturism any more, although it does exist there.

As well as the naturist Polar Bare variety of swim, featuring nudity, there will have been hundreds of Polar Bear swims around the world. The same idea, with swimsuits.


Coney Island Polar Bear swim


Vancouver Polar Bear swim

Many of these dips are a great excuse to raise money for local charities too. We’ve written about numerous Polar Bare events over the years, so check the archives for further info.

You will also find that there are numerous all-year-round ‘Wild Swimming‘ events going on, and in the UK it’s very much a growing sport, with numerous ad hoc skinny dipper wild swimming groups also making their presence known. Again, there are numerous Wild Swimming articles in the archives, stretching back from the early months of the blog’s existence until as recently as last week.

We’ll be covering a variety of wild swimming events from RL throughout the year, and also occasionally finding some ‘secret swimming’ locations in non-naturist sims for you to enjoy if that’s something you might enjoy. There are some beautifully photogenic sims out there which lend themselves to a bit of skinny dipping photography.


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