I should take more time out of SL…

…because as soon as I do, all manner of ‘naturist related’ news goes mainstream.

In The Guardian this week, Charlie Gilmour asks, and explores, if Britain is ready for everyday nudity.

And The Daily Mail suggests that being naked makes us happier and more satisfied with our bodies.

Added to the article (also from the Daily Mail) that I blogged earlier this week, about nude-ercise classes.

Three mainstream media articles in the UK in one week, all on the subject of our naked states being more mainstream in themselves.

I’m hoping to get inworld over the weekend after a particularly busy period of work recently in order to check out any changes that may have occurred in world during an enforced absence from SL



epa03267796 Two customers check their shopping list as they visit a newly opened super market at the Danisch-German border town of Suederluegum, Germany, 16 June 2012. As an advertising gag the shop owner had offered free shopping to up to 2,000 Danish Crowns (DKK), equivalent to about 270 Euro, for the first 100 customers - if they come nude.  EPA/Sebastian Iwersen / Free Shopping for first 100 nude customers / DPA / Sebastian Iwersen / epa03267796 / GERMANY CURIOSITIES NUDE SHOPPING / CONSUMER GOODS; CURIOSITIES / SUEDERLUEGUM

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