Naked opera

In 2014 the National Opera of Bordeaux, in conjunction with Theatre du Capitole, staged a performance of Rameau‘s Les Indes Galantes, first written in 1735. Rameau might not have envisaged it being staged, despite part of it being set in the Garden of Eden, with several nude dancers, and a renowned soprano, Amel Brahim-Djelloul, singing a role in a diaphanous dress that meant she may as well have been nude too.

Amel Brahim-Djelloul est arrivée en France en 1998

Amel Brahim Djelloul
















You can watch the entire performance of the first act on youtube.

Believe it or not, I chanced upon this (opera not exactly being my thing), while doing a search for one of the first pop records I ever remember knowing and liking, Haircut 100’s ‘Love plus One’, which came out when I was, er, five! :). A big hit in the UK, but if you’re elsewhere, it’ll maybe not mean anything to you.


…I started doing some research, and discovered that ‘nude opera’, or nude dance, is actually a bit of ‘a thing’, much more common than I would ever have imagined.

In the sense that it opens my eyes to a world hitherto alien to me (I like classical music, I listen to it regularly in the car, but I’m not so enthusiastic for classical music with voices in it) and it’s a world I’m now exploring for SLN, on the basis that the nude body, carried into the theatre or opera house, further normalises nudity in settings where I would previously said it wasn’t familiar but, following some research, discover it’s more familiar than I’d have imagined.

I guess we all thing of classical music, or opera, as the domain of a certain class of people, and that the idea of naked people on stage is likely to be something having them reaching for the smelling salts. On the contrary, it would appear that an opera audience have possibly a greater chance of encountering nudity in the theatre than a rock music audience.

I want to explore the world of nude dance more thoroughly, and report back on it.

I know that Canary Beck’s Basilique sim staged Milton’s Paradise Lost within SL, something that featured nudity (as with Rameau’s opera, part of it is also set in the Garden of Eden). You can watch Canary Beck’s version, for free, via her website.




Margaret performs some ballet moves at the Basilique sim

note: despite the production of the ballet, the sim is not naturist. Margaret only disrobed when she knew there was no one else on the sim at the same time, so as not to cause offence to others who may have complied with the sim’s dress code. As with all other sims in SL, please act responsibly regarding nudity and comply with any dress codes in place while around others. Otherwise, our rules are similar to the old zen question of ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?’ On that basis, SLN would regard naturism or nude activity as perfectly acceptable.

It’s a marvellous watch and shows what is achievable within SL if people drag themselves out of the sex and shopping sims to do something worthwhile.








Meet Jem…

Blogging is time consuming, and over the years we’ve had a number of contributors who’ve not lasted the pace because, by and large, they wished to play Second Life rather than research and report. Others found the process boring, and we lost one (lost to SL completely as far as I’m aware) due to griefers. Others have said they’d contribute, only to fall by the wayside when it came to working to (fairly lax) deadlines. My own ‘inworld’ time is very often curtailed due to me having to do some research, edit photos, source RL photos, etc, etc… That’s OK, it’s how I want it, but it’s not for everyone. People will promise to be able to contribute, then fade away, and we’ve never had much luck with male contributors. SL blogging appears to be an overwhelmingly female pursuit.

I have however, great hopes for our newest contributor, Jem.



Jem (his Mummy probably calls him ‘James’, though) is our newest contributor and, as I have in the past, hope he will be able to provide a male perspective on naturism in and out of SL. As is often the case, when I’m in SL I’m usually chatting with people in roughly the same time zones, and they’ll be the ones who end up as SL friends. A recent arrival in SL (By way of introduction, I asked him to provide a brief paragraph about himself.

‘Hi, I’m Jem, christened James, and that’s the name I took on joining SL, but as I prefer Jem in RL over James, that’s the name I’ll be utilising in SL and for this blog. What can I tell you about myself? I’m in my 30s, married, I’m Irish, and I’m a RL naturist mainly on holidays as Ireland isn’t exactly the friendliest naturist climate in the world. My wife and I, and our two children, generally take the ferry from Cork to France for our summer holidays, and we drive a motorhome around various naturist campsites. But yes, we’ve also practiced naturism in Ireland, as we’ll set off in the motorhome for weekends, find a deserted beach and live life as naturally as we can for the weekend. Ireland’s blessed with long, golden strands of beach which are vastly underpopulated, but it can be a bit hit and miss with the weather. I’m sure more details about my background will emerge as I blog. I’m rather looking forward to the new challenge of blogging, and despite being newish to SL I’m enjoying it greatly. I discovered the game when my wife joined it a couple of months before me, and I look forward to introducing you to her on SLN in the future.’



Jem (and Mary) already have two articles on the holiday phenomenon of ‘glamping’ written and ready to go, and I’ll be publishing these during the course of next week. This will hopefully lead on to various articles in the coming weeks and months about naturist camping, something of a phenomenon in France, in particular, and we’ll be doing some reports from some of those RL locations and, if things go according to plan, live blogging from one or two of them during the summer months.






The Polar Bares…


Last swim of the year, at Cap D’Agde

Last weekend was that time of year when numerous groups would have held their annual ‘Polar Bare’ type of swim, Cap D’Agde being one of them.






I note that it appears to be one of the more ‘traditional naturist’ events at Agde, simply naturists going into the sea, Agde being somewhere that isn’t exactly known for ‘traditional’ naturism any more, although it does exist there.

As well as the naturist Polar Bare variety of swim, featuring nudity, there will have been hundreds of Polar Bear swims around the world. The same idea, with swimsuits.


Coney Island Polar Bear swim


Vancouver Polar Bear swim

Many of these dips are a great excuse to raise money for local charities too. We’ve written about numerous Polar Bare events over the years, so check the archives for further info.

You will also find that there are numerous all-year-round ‘Wild Swimming‘ events going on, and in the UK it’s very much a growing sport, with numerous ad hoc skinny dipper wild swimming groups also making their presence known. Again, there are numerous Wild Swimming articles in the archives, stretching back from the early months of the blog’s existence until as recently as last week.

We’ll be covering a variety of wild swimming events from RL throughout the year, and also occasionally finding some ‘secret swimming’ locations in non-naturist sims for you to enjoy if that’s something you might enjoy. There are some beautifully photogenic sims out there which lend themselves to a bit of skinny dipping photography.


Naturism is for everybody, naturism is for every body

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – age, shape or size is no bar to naturism.



When I’m researching some websites for photographs or information I often read, with great dismay, how some people (male, almost exclusively) comment on a woman’s age or size. In doing so they reveal themselves as people who cannot be regarded as ‘naturist’ in any sense of the word themselves, merely tragic little porn users demanding that women confirm to a certain shape or size or age. They will go further, to lay claim to what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in terms of a woman’s chosen pubic hair style. Ultimately, you’re left with the impression that they don’t need a woman, they need and inflatable Barbie doll to fulfil their unreal expectations about what every woman should look like. Little surprise, then, that they’re left scouring the internet for porn as for a proportion of them as their attitudes pretty much determine that a relationship with a real woman will flounder.

The above photograph is absolutely gorgeous, in my eyes. A couple in their sixties, perhaps, confidently naked on the beach, looking beautiful and a testament to there being no age bar on naturism.

The age thing, of course, transcends into Second Life. For many it’s somewhere they can be younger than reality, slimmer than reality, more endowed, in either breast or penis size, than reality.

Which is fine. SL is a place where it’s wholly possible and acceptable to live fantasies, or remember how they used to look in their youth, or merely be something the exact opposite of their real selves. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.



Our hope, for SL 2017, is that we see more and more avatars adopt a more mature look, to best reflect the diversity of age groups seen in RL naturism. We need the help of SL’s skin designers to make older type skins readily available for those of us who play the game. We aim to try and contact some skin designers to see if they’ll ‘come on board’ in helping us promote this aim, and we’ll be looking to liaise with other bloggers and designers to see if we can deliver this by year’s end.








Wild Swimming : An occasional series

We’ve covered the topic of wild swimming before on more than one occasion.

Essentially it’s people going for swims where swims aren’t necessarily intended to take place. Not that, swimsuit-clad (some wild swimming involves costumes and, indeed, wetsuits) on occasion, ‘skinny dipping’ on other swims, there’s anything ‘illegal’ about them. It’s just that they aren’t particularly recognised as regular bathing places.

Wild swimming can take place in canals, lakes, streams, rivers or any other body of water.

There’s a website dedicated to British wild swimming, and a plethora of books on the topic, from all manner of regional swims around the UK, to France, Italy and Spain.

Ireland has its own website dedicated to the sport, with part of that site reporting on wild skinny dipping. America seems less organised with regards the sport, although there’s a Facebook page dedicated to wild swimming in the US.


Wild, skinny dipping, swimming in the U.S.

One of our Christmas presents to each other this year was wetsuits. As dedicated naturists, one supposes we’d not have time for such items, but it’s the UK, it’s Scotland, it’s sometimes cold even in summer, so our logic to this is that it will massively extend our swimming season, and we can conceivably be out in the water in March. Next weekend, theoretically.

Now…when skinny dipping there’s obviously some etiquette involved as although naturism is perfectly legal in the UK, not every member of the public (or, indeed, police constable) will be aware of that fact and you could find yourself reported for public nudity. So discretion is the name of the game.

In Second Life it’s not much different. In fact, in Second Life there’s probably a much more prudish attitude to nudity than one might reasonably find in real life. I’ve swum, before, where nude bathing isn’t strictly allowed and been discovered by passing walkers, ramblers and the like. In real life, the usual attitude is of someone giving you a wave, the thumbs up sign, a grin and walking on. In Second Life the attitude is more of getting a ban from a sim, or someone whose business it isn’t telling you that being naked isn’t allowed. (Stop camming around and then speaking to me from 100m away, then).

I managed to locate wetsuits for as little as L$5 on the Marketplace, or even better grab a free scuba outfit at Naked Dreams, get a swimming AO for free on the Marketplace, and you’re set!


If you want a real life guide to ‘how to skinny dip’, there’s a link for that.

It’s NOT just a case of undressing and plunging in. There’s some basic safety rules you may wish to follow, such as never diving into water (uncharted water can have all manner of hazards hidden), never getting too cold, and so on.




Skinny dipping/wild swimming in Regent’s Canal, London, in 1911. How prudish have we become in the intervening century?




One of my RL things in 2017 will be to undertake as much wild swimming, naturist and/or textile, as I can, and I’ll also be reporting on where it might be possible to do a bit of skinny dipping in Second Life as well. ‘Why?’, you might ask.

Well, if people are fulfilling some of their fantasies in SL, be it parachuting or walking through a desert, then skinny dipping will almost certainly be on many non-naturist avatars’ bucket list.

Imagine, if you will, chatting to an avatar and suggest a skinny dip…a price little location…great role-play fun, I think. So with this in mind, we’ll be sharing some top secret wild swimming locations throughout the year.howie-wild-swimming2_001b



UK cover of the Electric Ladyland album (replaced for the US market)










Hussar jacket (L$40), Afro hair (L$100), beard (L$1), all from the Marketplace.

Who do you want to be in SL?


Couples poses from RK Poses

One of the noticeable things about holidays, naturist and textile alike, is that people tend to get ‘cuddly’ and affectionate on the beach.

RK Poses have a delightful set of free group gifts (there’s no group join fee) that are cuddly, affectionate poses, worth grabbing for beach shots, or just general displays of affection, alike. (I’ve only got photographs three of the poses via Mags, who will be our key ‘poses model’ for 2017 and will, in further posts, be providing the text to accompany her photos. There are, apparently, I’ve not got online yet to check the poses and grab them for myself, about ten different free couples poses).






Naturists are always keen to underscore the non-sexual element of the lifestyle. Despite the lack of clothes, these poses don’t come across as remotely sexual in nature, but rather couples enjoying displays of affection while on vacation.


Happy New Year : A naturist wardrobe post

Happy New Year, everyone.

I’m up and about in both RL and SL this morning after our Hogmanay supper last night, and was delighted to find a store called MH design with a lot of free gifts, particularly as several would certainly fit right into my naturist wardrobe, the items I’d put on for dinner following a long hard slog in the sun all day! 😉


These are perfectly styled dresses suited to any naturist’s evening wear or, in the case of the bottom photo, something to throw on for the trip to and from the beach.

Naturists like to eat well, in a variety of world cuisines, and whatever naturist resort and campsite I’ve been to they pride themselves on turning out some delicious tasting and presented food. The French sites will focus on local produce, while in Spain there’s a lot of fish restaurants, produce locally caught, and world and fusion cuisines. I’ve eaten in a variety of world cuisine restaurants -not as easy as it sounds for a vegetarian as Spanish restaurants will (I’m not kidding!) serve ham in a vegetarian meal because ‘it’s a vegetable’! Go figure! I’ve often been looked on pityingly because I can’t eat meat. ‘Is it an illness?’, I’ve been asked. For some of the photos I hopped over to a Japanese restaurant called Free Tibet to take the photos of me wearing what would be typical evening wear for myself on holiday.

Once again, the style just says ‘naturist evening wear’ for me in this lovely purple dress with bare shoulders.

Another of MH Design’s is a jumpsuit…


I wouldn’t wear this because it’s not really my style, but you will see naturist ladies wear something like this at night time.


Curiously, it’s the rear view, more than anything, that puts me off. While I’ll happily be nude on the beach all day, I wouldn’t dream of going out in something like this. This style of evening attire, and also even more revealing outfits, might be typical of a naturist’s wardrobe if they were heading off to somewhere like Cap d’Agde, where anything goes! But I wouldn’t have the mindset to ever dream of wearing something like this.

All of the gifts are free, and there’s no Group join fee either, so hop along to MH Design.

I’m taking the rest of the day out of SL, and going out with the family, but SLN will be back during the week, kicking off our 2017 naturist postings with a look at some lesser known, or semi-hidden, naturist locations (i.e. sims that are more of a ‘clothing optional’ persuasion) around the grid.



Hangover cure : the morning after the night before


January 1st, 2017 finds me in Lupe’s, quiet and contemplative. There’s no actual RL hangover, thank goodness, but I did have a couple of glasses of bubbly at midnight and now find myself a bit sluggish and woozy. You know the feeling, yes? Not ‘hungover’, just a bit…sluggish, and not helped by going to bed at 100am and then having to listen to the thump of taxi doors until 300am or beyond. You know those taxis. The ones with what sounds like they’ve got 18 doors on them which have to be slammed hard in the dead of night just to ensure they’re properly closed. Oh! They have them in your town too?

Someone has to clean up too…



Brushing up the streamers and pine needles at SLN HQ

..after the table heaving with goodies, the banners, the Christmas trees and so on, it’s time to sweep clean and start the new year fresh. A good idea to make chores more pleasurable, when the weather is good enough, is to do chores nude.









tumblr_ogzy8311uz1svsnjto4_1280 tumblr_ogzy8311uz1svsnjto9_1280


I’ve already been for a walk in the park, where a few night revellers are still wending their way home, some still slightly the worse for wear.


I’m currently listening to the New Year’s Day concert live from Vienna, broadcast right around the world on radio and on TV, and after a cup of tea I’ll drive to the coast for a long walk with my S.O, followed by dinner in a country pub, somewhere deep in the English countryside. Lovely. Hopefully the weather will actually approximate winter, rather than this awful ‘bad summer’s day’ weather we’ve been experiencing lately.

I’m looking for a lovely summer, some naturist experiences, already planning my holidays, and looking forward to a year’s worth of positive naturist-related blogging.

Happy New Year, one and all, wherever you are in the world.