May we live in interesting times

While I thought that work related insanity had ended, the past two weeks have ended up even busier than the weeks before it, all thanks to the 45th President of the USA.

I don’t really get into politics on the blog, and certainly don’t comment on another nation’s politics, but since Donald Trump’s inauguration my work has, for professional reasons, skyrocketed as there has been an almighty scramble to contextualise the events following the inauguration (in political and constitutional terms). I’ve no direct link to the US or its politics, but in a wider context events have meant me working day and night to…interpret and analyse in a wider historical and political sense. I’m actually exhausted by the research, cross-referencing, analysing etc, and when I do set work aside for family reasons, I’m practically falling asleep in my cornflakes. If it isn’t Trump, it’s ‘Brexit’, which impacts on me professionally as well.

Who knows how long this could go on for? Four years? Eight? I’m rather hoping that things settle into some sort of groove shortly so that my workload settles down to what I’m used to having.

In the meantime, blogging takes second place. Sorry about that. I am hoping to grab some quality family time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’ve also promised myself that if I don’t fall asleep once the children are in bed, I might even give Second Life a try. 😉 I hear it’s a lot of fun!