Can the naturist season begin this early?



I sometimes talk about how we live in a quite secluded area which makes garden/outdoors naturism entirely possible at any time.

Meet the very bottom of our garden…


…beyond which are a farmer’s fields and then sea. Yes, we’ve gone skinny dipping in the water you can see (as a couple, not as a family, the children are a little too young for what is, after all, the Solway Firth! That is, it’s cold!!!!! In the distance, incidentally, lies England. It started as wellington boots and fleece weather, but I’ve lost the fleece as we’ve been piling leaves up to make a bonfire and between the physical exertions and the heat of the fire, it’s now warm enough to be clad in just a tank top (and jeans).

It’s a bright, sunny, but chilly afternoon. Which begs the question…can the naturist season begin this early? I’ve been out there this afternoon as we’ve been tidying up the garden a bit as a family. And I’m seriously tempted to start my naturist year in February.


My only problem is…if I strip off, the children will take their cue from me and demand to help out similarly unclad. I’m plotting to see if I can distract them briefly, and slip over the fence and make my way down to the water’s edge…



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