Naturists and the police : sometimes a symbiotic relationship

Strip off in inappropriate places (although some militant naturists might argue that the human body, unclothed, is never inappropriate) and the police will often be on hand to arrest you. Streaking at sporting events, a long time favoured venue for streakers, will invariably lead to arrest.


Despite being called to preserve law and order, the police still find this streaker at a UK soccer match amusing rather than something to be treated with dread seriousness

And you may well be subjected to the attentions of the police for practicing naturism on beaches that aren’t designated naturist. This despite the fact that, in the UK, it is not illegal too be naked anywhere…but your nudity may be ‘disproportionate’, i.e. don’t do it in a church or in a school or crowded family beach.

But in the main, where naturism is legal, the police take a very benign, protecting role on behalf of naturists. I know when I’m in Spain I walk down the street, naked, and am passed by a police car whose occupants have seen it all before. They aren’t there to ensure I keep within my boundaries of a naturist zone. They’re there to ensure I’m not subjected to any unruly behaviour from teen drivers who imagine it’s a lot of fun to make cat calls or inappropriate remarks to naturists.


Australian police officers oversee a naturist event


The photo below is a clear demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between the police and naturists (this looks like the Canary Islands to me). There to ensure the safety and comfort of all.



Oddly enough, this relaxed attitude is much less prevalent in SL, with various sims adopting strict ‘no nudity’ rules -as if a naked body might destroy SL as we know it. Still, it’s possible to get a photograph next to a police car if you want! šŸ˜‰



It’s good to know that the police are always around in a naturist environment. I’ve never actually seen any trouble in a naturist location, and the police are often around to provide fairly humdrum services, such as clearing road junctions at a naturist Gay Pride event. All in all, within naturist locations, we naturists have a lovely, friendly relationship with the police.



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