Gypsy Taub’s Love Parade

We’ve written about Gypsy Taub before. More than once.

For those who don”t know her, she’s a naturist activist in the San Francisco area, with her own website, My Naked Truth.


The latest entry to her page suggests that the San Francisco Police Department have permitted her ‘Love Parade’ to take place next weekend. Good news for all of us who wish to see naked living integrated seamlessly into a textile world.




That’s not to say that she’s not suffered her travails, previously having been arrested, as far as I know, when San Francisco decided to ban public nudity.



Here’s a small gallery of photos from last year’s Love Parade…










I did try to find an SL San Francisco, at which to stage our own small ‘Love Parade’ in support of Gypsy’s terrific work in San Francisco but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an SL SF right now, or any other SF landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, in which to stage it. I will be replicating Gypsy’s ‘Love Parade’ in Second Life later this week, however, just not set in San Francisco.



3 thoughts on “Gypsy Taub’s Love Parade

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