I mentioned, last week, that I was snowed under with work, and also that I had planned to grab some family time at the weekend. I did, but at some expense! Our walk began normally enough on Sunday afternoon, but ended in agony with some foot pain and me being unable to get it to the ground.

A trip to A&E/casualty/the emergency room yesterday revealed I’ve developed some sort of stress fracture in it. Not necessarily as a result of the walk, but the walk just brought matters to a head. To compound matters, I’ve an infection in the foot, so I’m on antibiotics, and trying to ‘save’ myself from the pain in the foot resulted in me giving myself a heel-sized blister on my heel! That’s actually more uncomfortable than the stress fracture right now to be honest. I’m not quite so plastered as the photo, but I’m on crutches and in the meantime I’m probably off work for a fortnight. Certainly I’m off until I’m able to (a) drive and (b) move around with some comfort on the crutches.

Every cloud has a silver lining! I’m pretty much being told, by my body, to slow down a little and not burn the candle at both ends. So it’s an opportunity to catch up with SL. All of my work is in work, so there isn’t much chance to do any! 🙂 and so I’m rather hoping we can get numerous SLN articles published while I’m stuck here on the sofa with the laptop. Mr. Keng can, happily, work from home on occasion, or split the time between home and his office, so he’s on child-minding duties as well as having been appointed chef and bottle washer for at least a couple of days.

So…’work’, for the remainder of the week, is SLN orientated! Every cloud, as I say, has a silver lining!


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