More about naked cleaners

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a demand for naturist cleaners in the UK. In what must be a first for the British press, they’ve actually followed up on that story, and a couple of days back reported on one of those who is actually undertaking this type of work, Emily, who finds the work suits entirely because, as a young Mum, she can readily fit the job around her child care demands.

The comments about the story are, as ever, rather depressing – a roll call of non-naturists feeling compelled to comment on something they (a) don’t understand and (b) doesn’t affect them. Such is the nature of ‘social media’. Everyone has a worthless opinion on things beyond their sphere of experience and knowledge.

The salacious nature of the media means that, as usual, the emphasis is on the female form. I thought it might be worth pointing out that the agency hiring nude cleaners also provides male nude cleaners -not something made clear, at any point, in the story- and that men can be just as good at cleaning up.

In the interests of balance, we’re showing avatar Paolo at work tidying up in the kitchen, aided (below) by his significant other, Esme.