The naked handyman

One story not likely to have made waves around the world, but which did get some coverage in the UK, was that of a naked carpenter in court. Charged with public order offences, the gentleman was cleared on the basis that his freedom of expression outweighed any alarm caused. A sensible decision by the courts. Further coverage of the court case is here, including some amusing statements by witnesses, who really do need to get the sight of a naked body into some sort of perspective.

One man even called 999 (that’s the UK’s equivalent to the 911 service) to complain. In my world, and most sensible people’s world, that isn’t ‘an emergency’.

Disappointlingly, SL isn’t awash with construction sites or tools, but we did manage to find a safety hat and tool belt on the Marketplace (L$5 each), which allowed us to photograph our handyman working on the roof of SLN HQ.






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