It’s tedious already…



The Daily Mail reports on a fashion show that took place at New York Fashion Week.

It included a ‘political message’ on a pair of underpants. Alternatively, it’s more virtue signalling from a not very important, but ludicrously revered, industry and a rather puerile attempt at politicising fashion.

Only a month into the Trump Presidency and the self-styled great and the good are becoming exceptionally tedious.

The designer who came up with the message above, not named in the article but identifiable with a little internet research, needs to hang his head in shame at their lack of imagination and edge. It just makes New York Fashion Week, which already generally looks dumb anyway, look even dumber.

Granted, the designer is of Mexican birth, apparently, so he might just have some vested interest in delivering ‘a message’. It would, however, be better if the message was brighter, smarter, wittier and edgier.

As it stands, it just looks like another bloc of self-regarding important people indulging in more virtue signalling, a comment I made to one of my SL friends, who then complained to me bitterly about politics suddenly entering SL and her anger at this development in a previously largely free politics zone.

I didn’t get too engaged in the debate, as I’m not really in a position to criticise. This blog has long adopted a view that we do engage with equality/feminist/naturist politics. For example, recent posts on Argentinian topless protests fit within the broad remit of the blog, but have little to do with SL itself. However, this has got me thinking about politics in SL and whether that’s a good or bad thing. I’ve a couple of posts I’m working on that expand on this, and these will appear in due course.

One, I think, will try to put a little SL spin on what I think will be the almost inevitable ‘protests’ at the Oscars, two weeks hence.

whitepanties_001dIn the meantime, I was highly amused at my friend sending me the photo (above), as a reaction to NY Fashion Week’s ‘politics’ and our conversation.




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