Tree Girl

For almost as long as the blog has been running, we’ve championed a wider naturism, of adherents attuned to nature, the environment, to caring for the world we get to inhabit for a short time and leaving it in working order for our children and grandchildren. A naturism that has a responsible attitude to litter, cleaning up beaches, opposing fracking and all the other things that make our world a better place.

Let me point you at the website ‘Tree Girl’, wherein a woman takes some incredible photographs, nude, of herself and others set in nature.

A usual, photos may be deemed to be copyrighted, so I won’t repost them, but the video above will give you a flavour of what to expect before visiting Tree Girl’s website.

There are some truly stunning photographs on the site, and show a perfect union between the human body, naked, and nature itself.

We asked model Eileen to don a pair of glasses in order to give herself a little bit of a ‘Tree Girl’ look, after which Harry took her out for a photo shoot in one of SL’s many beautiful, photogenic tree-filled sims.