Hairy armpits

I hope that those of you overseas (from the UK) might be able to see this video of an attractive woman offering ‘free hugs’ which then result in the woman displaying hairy armpits.





The numbers of those accepting free hugs for an armpit shaved woman, and an unshaven armpit woman were roughly the same, but the lady involved found that people recoiled in horror (see below) or adopted a ‘hey, we’re liberal, do what you wanna do, sister’ attitude.



The conclusion, correctly, was that it’s a ‘buying into the accepted norm’ sort of thing.

Hairy armpits, on women, are a natural thing. Why the recoiling in horror?

Edited to add: This morning, the Daily Mail carries a story about a new book on the life of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his lover, Claretta Petacci. One photo immediately grabbed my attention…


I repeat, body hair is a natural thing. When did we become so afraid of it?


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