The Canal

Irish avatar (and naturist, on holiday, never at home in the Emerald Isle, she tells us) Caireann is a Dubliner who jogs or cycles the Royal Canal, Dublin, on an almost daily basis. She’s also a long-term friend of SLN.




As it reaches central Dublin it’s wide enough to house pleasure craft and houseboats (I know, I’ve visited Dublin and seen them). While it’s probably not an ideal naturist environment in the centre of a city, Caireann was excited to see that Blue Lagoon Marina in Second Life has ‘some sense of the Royal Canal about it…the locks and the houseboats. If I can’t get my kit off in a real life Royal Canal scenario, I can do that in Second Life!’



I mention this because I’ve been in touch with those who run the Blue Lagoon Marina naturist estate and I’m working on a major posting for what I think is the major single naturist story within SL for quite a while.

For breadth, depth and scope, and variety of environments, it rivals the Eden Naturist Estate. As I say, there’s a major blog posting coming on BLM, but in the meantime I thought I’d utilise Caireann’s photos and just a little background to another of those urban arteries fallen into disrepair and then, in recent years, revived beyond even former glories.

Incidentally, I’m in Dublin myself in the middle of March, so I’ll be exploring any naturist opportunities in Ireland, and bringing you a little travelogue on the weekend. It’s a work-related thing, so probably not any opportunity to do anything naturist, but it doesn’t mean I can’t research it…just in case! 🙂

I’ve booked a ferry crossing from Scotland to Northern Ireland, and driving south to Dublin for a weekend of *sigh* seminars, never something to gladden my heart. Still, I’ve been to both Belfast (capital of Northern Ireland) and Dublin (capital of the Republic of Ireland) before and found everyone to be warm, friendly, welcoming, chatty and great fun! The icing on the cake would be a little bit of a naturist swim 😉 If you’re Irish, naturist, and know of any indoor (or outdoor…but it’s March!) naturism available, please drop me a message on the blog or IM me online! I’m travelling on the afternoon of March 10th and will be in Ireland for the entire weekend, driving and ferrying back home on the Monday.




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  2. public sex is not alowed on most naturist sims and those who come just for sex wil see the exit door real quick the blue lagoon naturist estate is a safe heaven for those who love the naturist life just like the eden naturist estate

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