The 2nd annual San Francisco Nude Love Parade.

At the beginning of the month we reported on the then upcoming Love Parade in San Francisco, led by Gypsy Taub.


I’m delighted to see that a youtube video of the day’s events is available.

It’s 30 minutes long and don’t worry, it’s only the ‘front page’ image that is pixellated.

This got me thinking. If placards protesting the Trump Presidency have been made available in SL, why not appropriate them for our own Naturist Parade?

With many ‘naturist’ sims now accepting textile creep, and declaring themselves as ‘clothing optional’ as opposed to naturist, perhaps we need to ‘reclaim the grid’, in certain locations, for naturism.

The photo of Gypsy at the top of the page reminded me that there are all manner of body paint tattoo layers in SL. Our models found them at L$10 on the Marketplace in a variety of colours and styles.






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