How to become a nudist



I saw this infographic online and thought it summed up the process of becoming a naturist very well.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as that, as there’s the small matter of what’s inside your head to contend with.

I can still remember my first ‘dash of shame’ from a sun lounger to the pool and the return trip from the pool, trying to casually cover as much of me as I could. Of course, no one gave two hoots, but that wasn’t the feelings inside my head.

Previously private parts were now very public parts.

Within the hour, though, it has all become completely normal, ordinary and unremarkable. Not all penises are equal, not all breasts are equal, not all tummies or bottoms are equal, and you’ve long stopped looking, or wondering if someone is looking at you.


You may not, just yet, feel confident enough to do handstands in front of everyone, but you will certainly have stopped feeling self-conscious about the situation you find yourself in. A big plus is the almost certain proximity of a pool or the sea. Once you’ve swum naked, for about two minutes, you realise you could never go back to swimming with a costume.


Your swimsuit will, where circumstances allow, have been consigned to history.



Showering outdoor, too, will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

One or two things may feel ‘strange’ at first.


I certainly found it a little strange to move away from the pool and sunbathing area, where nudity seemed entirely natural, to walking the streets fully nude. That feeling disappeared within 24 hours.



Shopping nude too -and even more, shopping for clothing whilst naked (I needed to buy a pareo)- was another ‘this is strange in a nice way’ feeling.

It’s a new year. And in no time at all the naturist season will be upon us. Make 2017 the year you tried the naturist lifestyle, if you haven’t already done so.