Eden’s New(ish) central teleport point


Naturism is inclusive. An LGBT flag proudly flies at the Eden Estate


Leeroy poses by the new fountain at Eden’s central tp point

The long-standing rotunda at the Eden Naturist Estate has been demolished, and replaced with a brand new, and wonderful looking, stone bungalow. It has given Eden’s hub a whole new look and feel, freshening the place up, modernising it and pointing the way forward for a new phase in Eden’s ongoing development.


I’ve no idea who Eden’s gardeners are, but they are doing a fabulous job! The place is pristine, and the small details at Eden are, as usual, spectacular. Beneath the flower beds and fountain, new brick paving. This is key to the Eden ‘style’, which always has a wonderful attention to the small details that make it what it is.





Step inside the building and there’s a cosy inner quadrangle that feels…right! A nice spot to sit and chat, as I did, with avatars teleporting in. Above, Louise and Mark posed for my camera.


Did I mention detailing? 😉 With the daffodils in bloom in my own garden, it’s a delight to see them equally in flower at Eden.




If you haven’t visited Eden’s new central tp point yet, set that right today with a visit! I do enjoy the manner in which Eden maintains a familiarity, yet always manages to subtly change. Not so much that it’s jarring, as happens on so many sims, but with a sense of ‘real time’ development. After several years, the rotunda was simply modernised, just as any naturist location in real life will develop and modernise.




The landscaping is simply astounding!


Jose is asked to pose in a familiar location to us! 😉

On a personal level, a winter of an exceptionally heavy workload ends next weekend! (Hooray!) and I’m planning to be back in SL more regularly, any maybe trying to get a little SLN Saturday Soiree going.


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