‘I was naked because I was hot’

I’m glad to say I’ll be back to regular posting as from this weekend, following a weekend in Dublin for work-related stuff last weekend. This should, hopefully, become the norm from now, with both weekend and midweek postings related to all manner of SL and real world naturism. My winter of exceptionally busy real life is now settling back to a more familiar pattern.

In the meantime, a story from today’s Daily Mail

A British tourist has stripped naked in Bangkok because ‘she was hot’ and ‘felt liked doing her own thing’. Apparently. At least, that’s how the story is presented. Just ‘another naked exhibitionist’.

I’ve picked the Daily Mail as the source for repeating the story because their reporting is somewhat confusing, concluding that she was ‘evaluated by the police’, giving rise to the suspicion that ‘being naked means mental illness’.

It’s only when you read other sources that the possibility of some sort of mental trauma may have been the reason behind her behaviour. It’s not just, as the Daily Mail would have you believe, ‘another naked exhibitionist’….the undertone of the DM’s report.

President Trump continues his war on press dishonesty, a campaign being poo-poohed by many observers, but when you read some articles, such as the Daily Mail’s reporting (subsequently repeated in other global news outlets) there’s little doubt in my mind that he’s onto something. It’s then this reporting that creates a series of comments about the woman ‘wanting fifteen minutes of fame’ or ‘disrespecting local values’ and how it’s ‘only Brits who behave like this when abroad’.

Which is exactly what I thought on initial reading of the report. Another thrill-seeking exhibitionist Brit abroad disrespecting local values and setting back the case for expanding the opportunities for public nudity, within reason, reinforcing Brits (and others) low-level disapproval of naturism and the naked state of being.

Shameful reporting. It seems clear there are other issues involved, and it’s another set of knee-jerk reactions from a small-minded Daily Mail readerships commenting on the story, commenting on clearly distorted facts.

While I’m all in favour of a global policy of ‘being naked because I was hot’, on purely logical grounds, I also expect and demand a strict sticking to the facts from some elements of a shameful media.