…and naturists can be older people too!

Following on from my post about the need to reflect age, at one end of the scale, in naturism, it’s also important to reflect age at the other end of the scale in naturism. Because…

…nobody is too old to be naked.

Indeed, the joie de vivre displayed by many older naturists is a thing of wonder, a guide for how we should all hope to live the autumn of our years.

You can enjoy naturism at any age, and indeed many people discover it later in life. There’s no rules regarding the number of candles on the cake, or where the needle stops when you step on the scales. Remember that! You’re beautiful, regardless of weight, shape or age. Enjoy and embrace naturism.

I get peeved when I read comments about how ‘someone that fat shouldn’t be getting naked’. Why not? Naturism isn’t confined to people below a certain age, or below a certain weight (and isn’t confined to just one gender…are you reading this, some tumblr bloggers?)

Expect to read a bit more about older naturists in the coming months on SLN. They’re an important part of the lifestyle.


3 thoughts on “…and naturists can be older people too!

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