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Leading on from the previous Photos post, specifically related to copyright of photos, I’ve assessed the photos we utilise and come to the following conclusions.

  1. We will attempt to credit all photos where we can actually find the source, and we will approach copyright holders to seek permission to use their work and credit accordingly. We will also be taking the opportunity to ‘link back’ to the originals where possible and try to ensure the original blog/source benefits from some traffic as a result.
  2. After several years of blogging, there are a huge number of photos used on the blog. I don’t propose to cull everything from the past, but instead respond (worst case scenario is usually 3-4 days response time) to remove any copyrighted material. Essentially all photographic material will be copyright (until 70 years after the death of the photographer, so even ‘vintage’ photos may still be under copyright) but not everyone will make a claim. Until I receive notification of copyright claims, backed up with some evidence, all photos will remain under ‘fair use’ laws. All documented clams of copyright ownership will, however, see the removal of the offending photographs, or a credit attached to the appropriate post should the copyright holder be satisfied with this.
  3. Not all photos are watermarked, some are cropped with the watermark removed. In such instances it’s difficult to know, if lifting photos from Google images, just who the original copyright holder is. Once again, production of the original, with watermarks or copyright notices, will see the said items removed forthwith

It is never my intention to knowingly infringe copyright, and the blog is filled with articles where I’ve made this clear, that I won’t use copyrighted material. I do try to maintain this policy in recognition of the rights of others, and this will continue as policy.


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