L$25 Pose Sale

Image Essentials currently has a L$25 retirement pose sale on right now. Literally dozens upon dozens of fabulous looking poses.

Naturally, I gravitate to the beach type poses, as they fit with the remit of this blog.

The three above are from the “Carefree’ set (I’ve not photographed them all) and utilise a ‘scarf’ as they put it, but I like to think of this as a pareo being used, as a pareo is used, in RL naturist situations. (see the photos below for real life naturist sarongs/pareos and you’ll see how this set from Image Essentials works so effectively)



Above are some from a beach lay set (again, I’ve not photographed them all) so the poses are working out at about L£4-5 each. Bargain.

Everything from nativity scenes to zombie poses are at the sale. I was also particularly delighted to see some LGBT friendly poses being promoted. All at L$25.



3 thoughts on “L$25 Pose Sale

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