I didn’t become a naturist until I was 19, but I’d abandoned nightwear for five years previous to that. Having slept nude, and the sense of coolness and freedom it gave, I could never go back. I decided on the same thing having swum nude too.

Of course there have been times when nightwear (and swimwear) have been required, but it feels…wrong!

I’ve had to wear nightwear when in hospital, giving birth, and a swimming costume when taking the children to ‘water babies’ classes. But I generally do without.

Even the idea of sheer, diaphanous nightwear doesn’t appeal. Why? What’s the point?

Ditto ‘sexy’ lingerie. I don’t see the appeal.

Still, if you do like sheer, diaphanous nightwear, you can find the set (above) as a free gift at Farspire Fashions (it’s a Maitreya gift, but works on classic avatars if you don’t use the alpha layer, apparently).



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