Topless swimming now permitted in Lake Geneva

Many women won’t contemplate naturism on the basis that ‘my body isn’t good enough’. Yet many women will and do embrace going topless on a beach or while swimming. Even more strangely, women will merrily cast off their bikini bra on holiday, while they’d never contemplate it closer to home ‘in case someone they know sees them’.

I would argue that the percentage of women under 60 these days, at least in Europe, who haven’t experienced topless sunbathing or swimming, at least once, is now a minority.

I note that Lake Geneva, in Switzerland, has overturned an almost 100 year old law which barred women from swimming topless. Oddly, Lake Geneva permitted topless sunbathing, but not swimming. How does that work? :-O

In 2017, under an equality agenda, this rule change is welcome, and I would argue that it should be the norm everywhere where men can sunbathe or swim ‘topless’.

I’ve not made any scientific research into ‘the topless phenomenon’, but I’ve certainly noticed that many female avatars, in ‘clothing optional’ sims, seem to follow ‘real life rules’ by happily going topless, a lot of the time, while keeping their bottoms on.

Avatars at the SLN pool enjoy top free equality. They also share bottom free equality too!

It’s a Second Life, folks! What passes for your expectations in RL don’t need to pass for your expectations in SL! Time to embrace naturism, at least in SL!


2 thoughts on “Topless swimming now permitted in Lake Geneva

  1. ……… fantastic ………. from …. Volos …… GREECE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …. Georges Kariotis ……

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