French naturist campsites are exceptionally well organised for sporting activities, none more so than in and around the pool, where you can find aqua gym exercise classes going on most days. And if memory serves me correctly, in the years BC (before children) when we used these sites they were very popular.

Some French campsites are also fitted out with superb pool facilities, including water slides, and land-based yoga classes will always feature strongly too.

Some yoga will be organised, while others prefer a ‘free range’ approach.


Within SL, many of the same activities are possible. Below, our models relax after some aquarobics, do some free-range yoga on the beach, and indulge in an organised yoga class within SL.


edited to add some more aquagym/yoga photos…

World Naked Gardening Day (a preview)


World Naked Gardening Day is just three weeks away, on Saturday May 6th.

There are dozens of exceptionally photogenic gardens scattered around SL, so there’s never been a better time to celebrate naked gardening than by taking your avatar out onto the grid and capturing a few photos, even if they’re only for your own album.

Remember the date! Well be doing an extensive post featuring RL and SL naked gardening scenes.