Naturist groceries and the sarong

It’s hard to say how genuinely naturist the photo above is, but I’m going to say that it is naturist, rather than some sort of voyeur/exhibitionist photo. Why? Supermarkets in holiday locations often frown upon customers in swimwear, let alone just wrapped in a pareo/sarong (which are often diaphanous and show almost everything anyway). At some naturist locations, shopping nude is acceptable, but some naturists still put on something for shopping.


I confess that, like the lady in the very first photo, I do throw something on in a naturist supermarket. Mainly because the building is often air-conditioned, so a little cover up helps with the chill that might otherwise be experienced.

I love my sarongs! So practical in so many ways! They also look great on guys! While conventional wisdom suggests they’re for the younger, rugged, handsome male, I actually think they look fabulous on more mature guys as well As the next small gallery shows, there’s lots of ways to wear one as well.



We’re a naturist blog, of course, so ‘clothes’ aren’t uppermost in my thoughts when blogging, most of the time. I will make an exception for sarongs and pares, though. Whenever I see one on any of the SL blogs, I have to have it! My RL naturist suitcase usually has about 4 of these that go on holiday with me and, even so, I’ll often come home with a couple more.

Ella says that a sarong or pareo can also look terrific on SL & RL males, regardless of age

Back to where this post began, with supermarket shopping in the nude. While supermarkets aren’t two a penny in SL, there’s a couple of them around, and they make for a great backdrop to capture an essence of your SL naturist holidaying experience.


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