Cover ups for all occasions.

Thanks to the Fab Free blog for posting a couple of ideal ‘naturist wardrobe’ items.

The first is a ‘kini with a ‘cover up’, essentially a strong dress. Now, these don’t look practical, but trust me, they work. Coming out of the sea, for example, a ‘dress’ such as this can break up any breeze you feel, particularly n the upper half of your body.

It’s free, if you have the ‘Fab Free’ group tag applied, at Marquesse Pret a Porter. Clearly, Fab Free intend this to be utilised with the bikini underneath, but we’re a naturist blog…

…and so the bikini had to go! 🙂


Such items can be readily purchased in many naturist and textile locations, judging from my experience.

Also from Fab Free, Luziefee have a floral top, intended to be a floral top, but which lends itself well to my wardrobe as being the sort of item I can wear (a) as a floral top when out of an evening and the temperatures are falling and (b) also utilised as something to throw on while prepping breakfast at dawn -a regular occurrence for us on holiday. While the rest of the family slumber, I’ll set the table and quite often enjoy a cup of tea on my own as the sun is coming up. A cardigan such as this helps keep that early morning chill at bay.



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