Nude wedding


Ever been to a naturist wedding?

I’ve been to a couple of SL naturist weddings/partnerships in my time, and in real life I’ve been to a wedding between two naturists, although the wedding itself, involving friends and family at the ceremony and reception resulted in it being a clothed affair.

I was at another naturist wedding in SL today, sort of, a partnership between two naturist avatars, neither of whom are actually naturist in RL.

They held a quiet ceremony, but the reception was at their home in SL where nudity, for the wedding party and guests alike, was the expected mode of (un)dress.

As happens in these SL affairs, there’s usually a slew of guests and friends from different time-zones, so the wedding disco is rolling on as I publish this post. The happy couple took some photos, though, which they were keen to share with the SLN readership, if only to show that what is possible in RL is also possible in SL.


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