Penis size

Fellas, you’re still at it!

No matter what I say, I go to naturist places in SL where the penis is less a sexual organ, more the third leg on a milking stool. Stop!

This is not your relative penis size. No way!

A glance at vintage and even contemporary naturist photos will show that, in the overwhelming majority of models portrayed, their penis is normal sized. Normal in that it’s not, relatively speaking, very big when flaccid. Quite small in most instances. At least, compared to their other two legs.

Four inches in India. Just over five inches in America. Five and a half inches in the UK. And these are the erect sizes.

Now, erect penises don’t really fall into the remit of SLN, except when we’re underscoring that they’re a myth on a naturist beach, but the way many, many male avatars present themselves in SL is laughable and unrealistic.

The guys in the gallery above will have or do have girlfriends and wives. Even at five inches, the chances are, assuming the guy knows what he’s doing, that these women will have had satisfaction during sex, probably had an orgasm and almost certainly been or will be pregnant at some point. Listen, guys, it works! It does what it needs to do! It doesn’t need to be exaggerated. India, incidentally, is one of the most populated nations on earth, so clearly four erect inches does what it needs to do.

Neither does it need to be exaggerated in Second Life.

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again now. An oversized SL penis can spoil the overall effect of a great looking avatar. It also creates the impression of insecurity and boasting, attributes most of my SL female friends say is a ‘no no’. More than one -and these are avatars who will indulge in SLex- have said to me that an avatar with an unrealistically large penis is pretty much an excuse to log out, mute or reject, because these male avatars have no real concept of women. They feel they begin a conversation based on a sense of unreality, and how much further does this unreality extend in their Second Lives?

Oddly, older male avatars are exceptionally good at keeping it real. If a guy presents himself as an older avatar, overall, I’d say there’s 90%+ chance that his body shape -including penis size- will be more accurate than in younger avatars. Sure, we all like to pack a few less pounds in SL, but older SL male avatars do keep it real. Young whippersnappers, learn from this.

Fellas, keep it real! Whether you’re wanting to bed as many female avatars as possible, or just look ‘magnificent’ on a naturist sim, keep it real! Women avatars prefer it that way. And you’ll look better that way. Besides, if a female avatar is going to judge you on the size of your equipment, the chances are she’s as fake as you are.




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