Congratulations are due!


Congratulations to Trine, formerly editor of this blog, who gave birth to a son a couple of weeks ago, but we’re only hearing about it now. Mother and baby are doing well (no name for the baby was mentioned in Trine’s IM to me, hopefully when she establishes a routine we’ll hear more about it all) while partner Pete* has fainted on the delivery room floor.

Actually, I made that last bit up.

Congratulations to the new family from everyone at SLN.



*the role of Pete in the photos above is played by SLN photographer Harry, and in case anyone’s asking, we set this small set of photos up months ago, before Trine went off on maternity leave, precisely for the purpose of accompanying this news. Trine was hardly likely to want to log in to relive the moment, was she? 😉



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