Su Casa Naturist : an update

Global warming. We’ve all read how it is affecting the weather. Sea levels are rising, and shifting patterns have occasionally revealed some historical treasures washed ashore. For example, some way down the Irish Sea coast from where I am, a ‘ghost ship’ emerged on Merseyside a year ago, One of Henry V’s warships was also discovered in Hampshire. Your local press may have covered some of these ‘ghost ships’ emerging during record low tides, possibly partly caused by shifting weather patterns and tides as well. Sweden is one such country where equally record low tides have revealed old wrecks.

It looks as though low tides have dislodged a well preserved galleon at Su Casa Naturist, and the members there have been active in ensuring its survival, while imaginatively utilising it as a feature on the island. Old cannons have been turned into tables, the wheel utilised as a table, and some sort of tarpaulin draped over the ship’s broken spine to make it a bit cosier and weather proofed inside.

It all looks marvellous, I have to say, and demonstrates how a sim should be run. Su Casa doesn’t change much -that is a huge tick in my boxes as there’s a slow, organic change to the place rather than constant tinkering, yet the galleon certainly freshens up the sim. A marvellous, imaginative change to Su Casa since I last dropped by, and well worthy of a visit.

Su Casa merely reflects, to some degree, RL naturism in its ‘wreck’ vista. While the ship may be from a different era, one of Romania’s naturist beaches, Costinesti, is dominated by a shipwreck, the Evangelia, and there are some conspiracy theories as to why it ran aground in 1968, possibly deliberately wrecked by its owner, Aristotle Onassis, to collect the insurance money!

On a clear day, I can see Northern Ireland from the coast here, and it seems the Evangelia was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyards over in Belfast (the same yard that built the Titanic) in 1942 under the name ‘Empire Strength’.

It certainly is a feature of a great many Romanian naturist photographs.

Hopefully, Su Casa’s latest attraction will form a backdrop to as many SL naturist photographs as the ‘Evangelia’ does to so many of Romania’s naturist photographs.





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