Get Naked

I’ve filled myself full of enough drugs 😉 to make my hand work (see the Tennis Elbow post for an explanation why) and while typing is difficult, I can type! I’m not sure how good it’ll be tomorrow, mind! Nevertheless, I got an afternoon’s naturism in the garden on the first really good day of 2017 which certainly improved my mood.

Over at the Cosmopolitan Event, I noted, reading the SL blogs, there’s a set called ‘Get Naked’. How could we not? 😉

The poses are priced at L$120 each, and several are geared towards bath time nakedness, rather than any other sort, but one or two grabbed me as suitable as naturist poses. Indeed, one or two poses come with a bath prop included.

Jim, Mr. Keng, was in a good mood, as he’d got to do our first naked BBQ of the season this evening, and loves feeding the old hunter-collector instincts in him, so he readily agreed to come online to pose.

Spanish families tend to come to the beach in the evenings, and stay until it’s almost dark, and we do the same. Yes, because it’s lovely to fit into a family environment on the naturist beach, but also because the sun’s lost its heat at that time of the day, and it’s safer for the children to be out in a setting sun than it is during the fierce heat of the day. So with the sky controls set to ‘sunset’, these photos are very evocative of our naturist holidays. drying off at the end of the day before wending our way back to our apartment.




Tennis Elbow

Last week I developed tennis elbow, a condition that has left me with one effectively useless forearm. It will resolve itself in due course, but in the meantime I’m munching down anti-inflammatory pills in order to create some movement in the arm. Typing is reduced to the left hand only hence the lack of completed posts over the weekend.

There have been time in life where ‘bigger boobs’ would be welcomed, but this isn’t one of them. Without one arm the idea of wrestling into a bra would be difficult. Fortunately, as there’s not much boob I’ve been able to go bra-less! 😉

Fortunately today is a bank holiday in the UK and the weather’s fine. We have a BBQ planned, and perhaps the day offers opportunity not to dress all day 🙂

Back with normal posting when I can use a computer properly again.