Tennis Elbow

Last week I developed tennis elbow, a condition that has left me with one effectively useless forearm. It will resolve itself in due course, but in the meantime I’m munching down anti-inflammatory pills in order to create some movement in the arm. Typing is reduced to the left hand only hence the lack of completed posts over the weekend.

There have been time in life where ‘bigger boobs’ would be welcomed, but this isn’t one of them. Without one arm the idea of wrestling into a bra would be difficult. Fortunately, as there’s not much boob I’ve been able to go bra-less! 😉

Fortunately today is a bank holiday in the UK and the weather’s fine. We have a BBQ planned, and perhaps the day offers opportunity not to dress all day 🙂

Back with normal posting when I can use a computer properly again.


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