Faboo gifts

Faboo is one of my favourite beachwear stores, and they’ve got a lot of group gifts set out (no joining fee) for both men and women.

Evie models an open, tied shirt along with a long sarong (a shorter version, not photographed, is also available.

Meanwhile, the shorts caught my eye, definitely something I do wear occasionally even on a naturist holiday. Sometimes if we drive to a naturist beach the car park area isn’t officially naturist, so something like these for the walk to the beach, or even the drive itself, are perfect.

Dick wasn’t happy with me asking him to pose in a thong. ‘They look ridiculous in real life’, he protested, not unreasonably, but he pulled them on and struck a slightly irritated, defiant pose.

There’s a bunch of other stuff, all beach related, set out at Faboo, so with the beach season upon us in SL I suggest you hop over to their store ASAP.



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