Al fresco cooking



If there’s one thing naturists adore about extending life outdoors, au naturel, it’s al fresco cooking, particularly barbecues.

Naturism is a very sociable lifestyle, best shared with others, and there’s nothing like inviting a few friends round, or being invited round elsewhere, whipping up a salad and then throwing some kebabs or meat onto a barbecue grill. Or grilling up some vegetable kebabs to go with the salads offered.

And I have to say that the very best time for this to occur is late afternoon, usually after the siesta period, perhaps 6pm-ish, as the sun’s going down. Because you have the heat of the BBQ as the evening marginally cools, the wonderful evening light descending into darkness, a meal with good friends and a few drinks.

A new BBQ has been installed at SLN-HQ, precisely to replicate RL within SL. Although…

…be careful when cooking nude! 🙂



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