Watch those rays!

It may not be quite so important in my generally cloudy, damp, drizzly part of the world, but when out in the sun, it’s important to stay hydrated, use appropriate levels of sun block, and wear a hat!

The latter is something many people often forget to do, and I’ve been guilty in the past of doing it myself. It’s not even a naturist thing, you can quickly develop sunstroke in a textile context too. While this is essentially a Second Life naturist blog, there’s a slight blurring of the real and Second worlds in that we do deliver a message from time to time, and this is one area where I’ve tried to impress the hat message again and again  as posts from myself and Pookes will testify.

One Fab Free gift currently available is beach accessories for men, free from The Man Cave.  And I’ll use any excuse to drill the message of keeping your head covered home.

Above, Ori sports a rather nifty looking hat that’s part of the gift set, the sandals (for slink feet) and shades that are also part of the set aren’t shown. I’ve picked up a copy of this gift set myself and while it’s designed for men, I note that it’s also entirely suitable for women avatars too, although I had to modify my usual hairstyle into an updo to make it fit under the hat (which is precisely what us ladies would probably need to do with a hat in real life too).

Ori was photographed, by Harry, at Hibiscus Atoll, a sim which features a naturist beach and one which we’ll feature in greater depth subsequently. Note, possibly, that there is a slight change in the quality of photography. After years of using Picasa, Harry has pointed me at the software he’s currently using, a system called Aurora, and I was impressed enough to pick up a copy of it myself for use in future SLN photoshoots. I’ll be out and about in SL later today experimenting with this new system.

I don’t care what type of headgear you utilise to protect yourself, bandana, baseball cap, straw hat or gloppy sun hat, just remember to stay safe out there as the UV rays are on the rise in the northern hemisphere!



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