Link clicking in pursuit of suitable images to illustrate the blog, I chanced upon this image above. It’s a young woman, probably a Brit, if truth be told, we do have that reputation abroad, having drunk so much she has passed out in the street. She’s either gone out in a short skirt without underwear, or the underwear is a thong not visible to the camera. Such is the way of young people today on holiday. It makes me glad that my first holiday without parental supervision was a (then) wholesome naturist destination!

Worse than the using of  photo is the accompanying text…

Would you

A – Help her into a taxi and get her home safely

B – Take her to your flat and then f*** her

C – F*** her where she is 

Well done, blog writer! You’re offering options to rape. Remember: increasing numbers of European countries are passing legislation whereby if the girl is drunk and incapable of processing consent…it’s rape.

There should be no options other than (a). Well, maybe if options (b) and ( c) are to help her find her girlfriends or stay with her to ensure she doesn’t choke on her own vomit, or wander into a road and get knocked down.  It’s not big, clever or amusing to even suggest, even to readers of a porn blog (I was chasing links and landed in the site which wasn’t remotely naturist) that sex is the remotest possibility. Sure, you were probably trying to be funny in your own head. Sorry, don’t give up the day job, you ain’t a comedian.

Such is the way where young men begin to process information regarding women, and how to treat them, that there’s no respect involved. A woman is merely a sperm receptacle. Who cares if she’s drunk insensible. A stiff prick has no conscience. (And lest you think I’m being crude, that’s Shakespeare!)

This got me thinking…how does SL reflect RL in this regard?

Hmm…’well’ (or terribly), depending how you wish to report it. Lots of sims with ‘rape’ potential, and presumably the reinforcement of the idea that role-play raping female avatars is OK (granted, within SL the likelihood is that the woman is giving her consent, even if it’s advertised as ‘rape’ by hopping onto a pose ball.

I didn’t check out any sims. Just a search for what’s available was enough.

Long, long ago SL pretty much outlawed age-play sims. Having seen what I’ve seen in a search box, it’s clear to me that SL has a responsibility (just as tumblr does) to ban sims that encourage rape. I don’t think that the ‘hey, it’s better people live out fantasies in a virtual world’ stands up at all. As I say, it simply reinforces the whole idea that women are available and easy.

She’s drunk and falling over. It’s time to be a gentleman. Protect her and care for her.

I’ve long been an advocate of banning sims where rape is encouraged, or indeed where female avatars are treated in a submissive manner. We can really live our Second Lives without sims that feel the need to tie women up, put them in cages, or indeed have them naked where men are clothed, in a manner that reinforces male dominance over women. Time for this aspect, as odious as SL child play, to stop!


Thanks to James and Lav for playing the ‘drunk girl meets gentleman’ roles in SL!

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