Towels : a naturist accessory post

Many years ago there was a fantastic naturist sim modelled on a Mediterranean village. I rented my first SL home there. I was friendly with the owner, and was delighted when he offered perhaps the naturist accessory, a towel that could be worn around the neck.

Naturists, as you know, will carry towels with them so they can sit on them in a beach bar, for example, and not leave sweat or sun oil smeared on seats for the next user.

I’m delighted to see that, almost a decade on, someone else –KDC, specifically- is offering something similar, with an upgraded sense of design about towels that can be worn around the neck or over a shoulder.

Join the group (free) and then grab this current group gift.



Over one shoulder, two shoulders or hand-held, naturists on the move often have a towel close at hand.


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