Happy birthday to….me?

Life begins at 40, they say, and I’m about to find out. 🙂

Yes. Today is my 40th birthday!


‘What do you want for your birthday?’, Jim asked. I had no idea. I count my blessings as they are.

Eventually, Jim decided for me. Off we went to a photographer whose work is very well regarded, off came my clothes, and I was the subject of a photograph that involved some hair styling, make up and even posing! Usually, our holiday snaps of a naturist variety involve being plastered in sun cream, hair wet and stringy from the sea and so on. Naturist photography, in other words, rather than glamorous shots. I even took my glasses off for the session. Couldn’t see a thing! 🙂

I would regard glamour style shots as significantly different from proper naturist photography, so in a sense it’s not proper naturism, but I decided to have it done anyway.

The photographer produced a marvellous little portfolio of photos, we chose one, had her blow it up and frame it and as from today it adorns the wall of my office. Jim’s logic is that while it might seem a bit narcissistic and self-centred now, to have your own photographs framed and hung (not even our wedding photos are on display), it will be something I will grow to appreciate in later life, to look back on my mid-life prime (now that the actual prime has passed me by, ha!)

Since the photo was taken, some weeks ago, I’ve also decided that this significant birthday is time for a little bit of a rebirth, and the shoulder length hair I’ve worn since my teens was cut into a shorter style last week. I hate it! 😦 So much for a rebirth! I’ve already decided I’m growing it back to the style I’m familiar with in real life and the style you’re familiar with in SL!

I’ve also said before how I got my ears pierced as a teenager, got an infected earlobe as a result, and have avoided all piercings ever since! Well, at the age of 40 (strictly speaking, 39 years and 50 weeks when it was done) I’ve got a nipple pierced! Not as sore as I imagined it would be, there’s been no reaction and I like it. I’m not sure it’s going to stay forever, but for now it’s a symbol of a mid-life rebirth. As usual, the changes in my real life are reflected in my Second Life, with a new shorter hairstyle (above and below) and nipple piercing in evidence.

As I am now…

…but my hair will be grown back ASAP!!!!!




Ella’s ‘art pose’ photograph was taken at the Desert Palace Cradle of Love, which features the opportunity to pose for photos in the style of Titian, Goya, etc…

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