Amoras Nude Beach

While I haven’t posted much for about 10 days now, I have been online. Sometimes, more so now that I don’t have much help in doing the blog entries, I need to set the blogging aside in order to research what I’m going to blog! This has been one of those weeks.

I’ve been at Amoras Nude Beach, a new build, to me, although it seems to be getting quite a lot of traffic, so I guess it has been around for quite a while and my eye has been off the ball. It’s quite gorgeous, one of those photogenic builds that we, the naturist community of SL, are so lucky to regularly enjoy amongst the sims we inhabit.

The clubhouse area appears to be ‘clothing optional’, the beach a fully naturist one. This is a nice demarcation line clearly signposted at a time when some ‘naturist’ sims are so much more vague about their intentions, to the extent that some aren’t naturist at all, but increasingly ‘clothing optional’.

I have to say that this is one of the most exciting naturist sims I’ve seen in SL for some time. Exceptionally photogenic in delivery, it’s one of those places I feel I could wander for hours, just taking photographs and, indeed, it’s something I’ve been doing for part of this week.

Husband Jim joins me for a bit of relaxation on a bench stacked with some wonderful looking poses.

The shower cabin

Love this pose at the pool area!

At the juice bar

A perfectly executed dive into the Amoras pool

There are some delightful poses at Amoras, including the application of sunblock. It’s a personal safety issue we’ve written about many times.

If you’ve not visited this lovely sim yet, I’d urge you to put it at the top of your SL ‘to do’ list. You can join the sim’s group, free, at the tp entrance point, and be on your way to being part of what I hope becomes a thriving SL naturist community. It certainly deserves to be a huge success.


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