Postcards from Spain 2017

It’s that time of year again, when I jet off to the sun for 10 days of naturism.

I have to say I’ve learned to hate flying. Not because I think the plane’s got a gibbering idiot behind the controls or that we’re going to crash. Just that in the time I’ve been flying it has become an increasingly annoying thing with all of the sense of security that surrounds it, and what used to be a hot meal served now downgraded to a ‘meal’ that comprises a sandwich.

I fully understand the need for all of the security involved, it’s just that it doesn’t make for a wonderfully pleasurable experience. It’s a means to an end. And airports the world over do all they can to rip you off, something else that makes it even more of a hateful experience.

I feel that we’ll probably, eventually, go back to holidaying in France, taking the ferry and then driving to some of that country’s wonderful naturist campsites, but we’ll have to wait until the children are older.

There’s also a fight to get them out of school, and some veiled threats of fines. As we near the end of term, the school year is winding down. My feeling is that the children will learn more in a week in a foreign country than they will at school at this time of year, and I know many parents feel the same. Again, the airlines rip us off by hiking the price when the school year ends, a thing that irritates most parents. We try to get our children to learn a little of the language while they’re away. Our oldest boy is confident enough to order a coke or an ice cream in Spanish now, and a little knowledge of the language is, we hope, a foundation for an interest in languages which will serve him well when he goes to high school. And that’s something his primary (elementary) school won”t teach him.

Back to the security issue…

Perhaps the time has come for us all to fly naked. No concealed weapons possible!!!

And some of you may be aware that there was publicity some years ago for Naked Air, an airline on which you could fly nude.

Their website has a gallery, but as the photos are subject to copyright I won’t reproduce them here. Go see for yourself!

Next Wednesday morning will find me at the airport dressed for comfort because when you get to the far end, the heat hits you full-on. I shall probably be reporting, from Thursday onwards, from Spain and doing the usual thing I do in the evenings out there…report back on what I’ve seen in resort, as replicated in SL, through another series of ‘Postcards’.

The loose pants and handkerchief top that I’m wearing in the photos are from Poshtale are free if you wear your Fab Free group tag. They’re very much the sort of thing I wear in real life for the flight out to the sun.

The location for the photos, both terminal building and plane, was Second Norway Airport.


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