Postcards from Spain, 2017 (2)

Well, we’re settled into our apartment. Down to the beach first thing, some swimming, some sunbathing, a low-key afternoon and then a good part of the afternoon around the apartment block’s own pool. We’ve been out for dinner to a pizza place, and Jim took the children back to the apartment to get them showered and ready for bed while Audrey -Grandma Keng!- and I had a glass of wine before following them back. I’m not sat on the balcony, without clothes, in the warm heat of a Spanish evening watching darkness descend. The children are all asleep already -all of that fresh sea air and exercise leaves them exhausted at the end of the day- and I’m contemplating a dip, naked of course, in the pool in half an hour or so.

No posts tomorrow. We’re off to a zoo and wild west place, and we’ll be out for most of the day, but I anticipate more posts on Saturday evening and into Sunday morning.