And Granny came too…

I won’t lie. When Grandma Keng first met me and the subject of naturism came up, I think she thought that if I’d told her my hobby was ‘prostitution’ she’d have been less concerned.

As time progressed and she learned about it, her resistance faded until eventually she began to accompany us on naturist holidays. She even ended up being a bit more blasé about her own nudity than her son, Jim, Mr. Keng, was.

Audrey, her real name, is quite possibly my best friend and I encouraged her to adopt an SL avatar. She does, sporadically, but she isn’t a regular player.

Growing old, and widowed a few years ago, she’s actually grown into the role of ‘Grandma’ and reborn woman in recent years. I love this woman to bits! She’ll read this, of course, but it has to be said…she has reinvented herself quite magnificently since her husband died.

Tonight she has been babysitting her grandchildren while Jim and I got out for a rare dinner alone together. This afternoon she was in the pool and reading her Kindle simultaneously. I got a couple of photos, told her she was the subject of tonight’s post, and while she’s happy to be photographed, did ask that she was pixellated. ‘We’ll see how things go by the end of the week’, she told me, inferring that if her confidence continues, unpixellated photos might well appear!

Audrey turned 70 this year, and is embracing naturism like she was born to it. Which demonstrates to me that, in the right circumstances, most people will go naturist if the environment is right.

For us, the environment is right. Audrey’s sitting with us, her son, daughter in law and eldest grandson, as naked as the day she was born, right now on a balmy Spanish evening. It’s totally natural to her. Totally natural to her son, daughter in law and grandson. The way life should be lived.