The Scope…

At home, for all of us, the scope of naturism isn’t quite as wide as it is on holiday. Where I’m holidaying, living in an apartment on a naturist ‘urbanisation’ (essentially a gated community) naturism is possible on a 24/7 basis, with easy access to the nearby beach and even possible on the public roads around where I am.

This makes a massive difference to the way a nude life can and is lived. Today, I won’t have any clothes on at all until after I sit down before breakfast tomorrow morning and do another blog entry.

The supermarket is closed, you see, so there won’t be any need to visit it for food. We’ve planned ahead and there’s enough in the apartment to keep us going until tomorrow morning (and beyond). We won’t be eating dinner out tonight. With six of us travelling, dinner is an occasional treat, rather than something we do every night, otherwise it would become too expensive. Tonight will be a simple pasta dish whipped up in the kitchen of the apartment and a communal meal had around a large table on the balcony.

Bearing this in mind, it means that I’m nude now, will be nude on our walk to the beach this morning and nude around the communal pool area this afternoon.

After all this time I don’t even notice I’m nude anymore, but in case anyone’s thinking that that’s just the voice of an experienced naturist, most other people find that the nude state becomes the natural state remarkably quickly. While being naked is something most people only know from their bathing routine or sexual encounters, an hour’s nudity in mundane, everyday situations puts an entirely different perspective on our own and other people’s bodies.

Strictly speaking, our naked day began a few minutes after midnight, and I snapped Jim in the pool while we had a midnight skinny dip.

Despite the sun being up in real life, my avatar has been able to replicate and enjoy the memories of that late night, real life skinny dip in the early hours by adjusting SL’s time settings for a night swim.

As a lazy Sunday begins, I’m watching people emerge nude from their beds, onto balconies, and stretch and yawn their way into the day. Clothes are unnecessary!



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