Naked Volleyball

I don’t know how they dare do it!!!! No, not naturism, silly, that’s completely normal. Volleyball. In this heat!

There was a game of volleyball going on down at the beach when we were there earlier.

Far too energetic for me, but it’s great that people don’t just lie in the sun all day doing nothing, that they can get up and do things that anyone on a textile holiday could enjoy.


The SL volleyball court can be found at the Baja Shore sim, complete with poses.


Another ’empowered’ naked feminist at Glastonbury

Yet another feminist has appeared naked at Glastonbury festival.

I’m fully expecting to see her describe the experience as ’empowering’, a word that has now lost all meaning in this context.

By all means go naked…my perspective is that more people should do it…suggest you’re liberated from clothes and the symbolic aspect of ‘uniform’ they create. Say you’re standing up for the beauty of the human body which doesn’t need to be hidden away at all times. But please don’t say it’s ’empowering’. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, I salute the girl who did this, but it’s not ’empowering’. Just our natural state of being.


Naked selfies

When we think of ‘naked selfies’ I suppose the image of nude boys and girls, snapping in a mirror, is the first thing that comes to mind. We don’t necessarily think of ‘naked selfies’ being ‘naturist selfies’!

It’s a whole new concept I’d never ever considered before!

Because our apartment block is close to the beach, lots of people drive to here, the naturist beach, from wherever they live. Some leave home in clothes easily removed when on the beach. Others strip off at their cars and leave clothes in the car, just carrying beach essentials with them.

When I saw the couple, above, undressing and then grabbing a selfie together I knew I had to grab a sneaky photo of them. I don’t like the entire idea of people doing sneaky, voyeur shots, but my normal thought processes that it’s an invasion of another’s privacy were suspended because I had a flashbulb moment in this regard! The couple can’t be identified from the photo anyway, so I thought it was such a magical idea that I had to capture their moment before I try to do similar photos with Jim later. We take photos of each other, certainly, but we’ve never used our cellphones to do a ‘naturist selfie’ together. This afternoon, I’m going to try it! 🙂

In other news, we’ve divided by gender (almost) this morning with ‘the girls’, Gran, myself and my daughter, as well as my baby son, spending time in and around the pool. ‘The boys’, Jim and our eldest boy, have hit the beach to jump waves (there probably aren’t any, but it won’t stop them having a good time wave chasing).

I was delighted to find that the three generations of our family were joined by three generations, gran, mum, daughter, from a Spanish family. The mother spoke quite good English so we got into conversation and she told me that it was the grandmother in the trio who was a naturist of many years standing, bringing her daughter, the lady I was talking to, up as a naturist from birth. She was around the same age as me, I’d guess, and our own daughters are around the same age. Despite having no common language between them, they’re now firm friends!

I guess the moral of the story is that, given a chance to be naturist, it becomes so normalised that it becomes just another part of life, a ‘thing’ that we can contentedly adopt when the opportunity arises. It’s like a life skill we own, such as riding a bike. We never forget how to do that, despite not having been on a bike in years, perhaps.

An easy acceptance of the bodies of ourselves and others is another life skill in the same way.

We may not have the opportunity to be naturist from one year to the next, or for years, but once we’ve got over the fear of nudity, it’s also a ‘skill’ that will live with us, and we can disrobe without fear or embarrassment. Imagine! Were we all to be brought up as naturist from an early age, the entire world could be theoretically naturist in a generation. Or, at least, body-image positive.