Another ’empowered’ naked feminist at Glastonbury

Yet another feminist has appeared naked at Glastonbury festival.

I’m fully expecting to see her describe the experience as ’empowering’, a word that has now lost all meaning in this context.

By all means go naked…my perspective is that more people should do it…suggest you’re liberated from clothes and the symbolic aspect of ‘uniform’ they create. Say you’re standing up for the beauty of the human body which doesn’t need to be hidden away at all times. But please don’t say it’s ’empowering’. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, I salute the girl who did this, but it’s not ’empowering’. Just our natural state of being.


One thought on “Another ’empowered’ naked feminist at Glastonbury

  1. To be empowering, something ought to make you more powerful than you were before. Or at least to feel more powerful, even if you were in fact no different. Perhaps it was more the latter than the former…

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