Naked Volleyball

I don’t know how they dare do it!!!! No, not naturism, silly, that’s completely normal. Volleyball. In this heat!

There was a game of volleyball going on down at the beach when we were there earlier.

Far too energetic for me, but it’s great that people don’t just lie in the sun all day doing nothing, that they can get up and do things that anyone on a textile holiday could enjoy.


The SL volleyball court can be found at the Baja Shore sim, complete with poses.


3 thoughts on “Naked Volleyball

  1. At our resort volleyball is played in the pool. It has become so popular that we had to build a second pool for those who only wanted regular pool activities.

    • Here, the local naturist hotel has volleyball matches in the pool every afternoon at 4pm and it’s always very popular. Even though we’re not resident we can use their kids clubs facilities if we pay a small charge (residents’ children go free). We certainly avail of that, and we have played volleyball in their pool while waiting for the children’ club to end! A great experience!

  2. On weekends we often play anywhere from 4 – 8 hours a day. We love it, love all the people that get in and play too, it’s great fun.

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