Sorry, boys…

Reading comments on this site, and on other pages, I’m aware that many, many men like a fully depilated (shaved) look.

Sorry, boys…but my observations on this trip, building on that of last year, is that ‘hair is better than bare’, and it is back amongst all age groups. I’ve been speaking to my friends while out here. We’ve haven’t actually directly discussed the reasons why, but my friends from 65 years of age down to ladies in their 20s are now sprouting hair where none existed before. Some of these women I’ve known for 10 years and more, and in that time I’ve always seen them fully shaved. This year?

No-one is rocking a 70s bush, but…

…more naturists seem to be sporting the ‘extended bikini wax’ look, or the ‘brazilian wax’ look. The Hollywood look appears, in naturist circles at least here in Europe, to be on the wane. Surprisingly amongst both younger and older women.

I tried the ‘Hollywood’ look a year or so ago and hated it, having nearly always been ‘natural’ down there. I’m not sure why hair is back, as it seems a certain amount of pubic grooming is still necessary to produce both the ‘extended bikini’ and ‘brazilian’ look. Why not just give the razor a couple of extra strokes?

No, it seems that lady naturists (I know my observations don’t qualify as any sort of definitive poll) have determined that at least something is now the in look.

Sorry, boys..



2 thoughts on “Sorry, boys…

  1. People used to say in my country that where there’s hair, there’s fun, so I’m a faithful fan and lover of that that doesn’t look like a Barbie doll.

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